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7 x 9 3/4'' (180 x 248mm)
Our Medium Heart-Shaped Wooden Puzzle is a traditional gift cut in the classic Victorian style, in which every piece is a different shape and selected pieces are cut in shapes that may reflect your picture. These 'whimsies' were so called because Victorian puzzle cutters included the shapes 'on a whim', and these puzzles revive this old tradition. This heart-shaped wooden puzzle offers a stylish, stunningly crafted gift that will last a lifetime and provide pleasure to generations.
It is made of premium quality wood manufactured using state-of-the-art computer driven laser technology to achieve exact and perfect match of the puzzle pieces.

32 pieces: $74.95
60 pieces: $74.95
Turnaround options (order to home delivery):
- Priority, 10 to 19 business days: $14.95
- Priority, 10 to 19 business days: $14.95
- Priority, 10 to 19 business days: $14.95
- Priority, 11 to 23 business days: $24.95
Packing options:
Elegant Pack
Personalized Puzzle Box: $2  $0
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