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A Life Long Collaboration Of Many

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by Brandon M.
Virginia Beach, Virginia
a month ago

It was a ten year wedding anniversary between two people. But, a marriage is not just a union of two individuals, it is a life long collaboration of many family members and friends. We spent a week at a beautiful house in Sandbridge, Virginia Beach. We celebrated the couple's anniversary, but we also honored the five year anniversary since this special group of people last got together. The puzzle from Piczzle provided some great metaphorical content to our vacation. We all came together at random times to piece together this memory from our past. As we worked through the difficult portions (the green grass and the black/green trees), we understood that our lives are a challenging, sometimes slow process. It's not always easy to see how they all fit together. We wondered about missing pieces; the ones that may have fallen on the floor or the individuals who were not able to make it to this particular event. Every time a piece was locked into place, that person was greeted with cheers, ecstatic noises, high-fives, or maybe a shot of fruit and spirits. During all of this it was quite easy to realize that we were glad, so glad to be part of each other's lives.

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Having been in this business for more than a decade, we at Piczzle have collected plenty of puzzle stories to relate. When the product is fueled purely by the imagination, the possibilities are quite literally endless. We are regularly taken aback by our customers’ creativity in shaping this unique canvas, from marriage proposals, to holiday gifts, to the simple joy of assembling puzzles we all know from childhood.

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