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Piczzle Photo Puzzles

Fully Customized
       6 to 2,000 pieces
       Standard or Wooden
       Regular, Heart and round puzzles
       Small to Giant! size
       $14.95 to $289.95

Exceptional Quality
       Highest printing technology
       Outstanding material
       Top craftmanship

Commitment to Excellence
       Experienced Staff
       Outstanding Customer Service
  6 to 2,000 piece Custom Photo Puzzles
  Regular Photo Puzzles
  Heart-Shaped Photo Puzzles
  Round-Shaped Photo Puzzles
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Why Make a Picture Puzzle?
We offer you an easy, convenient and fun way to:
Preserve cherished memories with family and friends;
Share your sentiments with a thoughtful, personal and fun experience;
Create a joyful gift with photos and words.

Why Choose Piczzle?
Piczzle provides top quality jigsaw puzzles
Piczzle offers a wide selection of personalized puzzles
Piczzle introduces the unique Surprise Jigsaw Puzzle
Piczzle extends to customers an easy and a safe ordering process

Piczzle Picture Puzzle service is a retailing and manufacturing service of Custom made Photo Puzzles.

Piczzle specializes in the field of custom puzzles production as it sells wooden and standard jigsaw puzzles. Our photo puzzle products are sold to individuals and businesses directly through this website. We also sell indirectly through online/offline distributors and independent resellers.

We strive to provide the best custom jigsaw puzzle to our customers who wish to capture life’s precious moments through a photo puzzle.

We believe success is possible by taking care of our environment. Keeping this in mind, we are careful to preserve the environment by using recycled materials in our custom made jigsaw puzzles.

Piczzle sells its personalized jigsaw puzzle products worldwide through operation facilities located in the USA and Europe. Piczzle's Personalized Picture Puzzle service was founded in May 2003.

Top Quality Personalized Jigsaw Photo Puzzles
A newly attained quality of top level personalized wooden puzzles:
Professional Design – hand designed to ensure maximum creativity
Vivid Pictures – utilizing a cutting edge printing technology to achieve the ultimate picture sharpness and color brilliance
Precision – computerized laser-cut to attain utmost accuracy

Piczzle Jigsaw Picture Puzzles are made of the highest material and print quality standards. The photos are digitally adjusted to the correct picture puzzle size and are then designed by graphic designers who follow the specifications each order. After careful design, the personalized picture puzzle is printed on high quality photo paper.

Our picture puzzle printing technique is not the commonly used heat-press. Piczzle uses the high-quality SSPT (Superior Sublimation Printing Technology) method which is the "Cadillac" of the photo puzzle printing process that will last forever. This hi-tech printing method produces photo puzzles of high quality sharpness and color. Coupled with our Photographic Quality Ink (7 colors), we make your personalized picture puzzle appear truer to life than ever. Our wooden jigsaw photo puzzles are computerize laser-cut for maximum accuracy, while our standard picture puzzles are machine press-cut. In both cases the cuts are sharp and clean and the end result is a Personalized Jigsaw Picture Puzzle made exactly to your specification. Our Standard Picture Puzzles have a glossy lamination finish and the Finest Wooden Photo Puzzles are treated with a high quality gloss finish for protection of the product.

A Selection of Jigsaw Picture Puzzles
Piczzle offers a vast range of jigsaw picture puzzle designs from which you can make your personalized picture puzzle. Custom puzzles are all about creativity and originality. Piczzle enables customers to create original picture puzzles by offering unique varieties of picture puzzle shapes (rectangular puzzles, round puzzles and heart-shaped puzzles), a range of sizes (small puzzles to XX-Giant), and a varying number of jigsaw puzzle pieces (12 to 2,000). Likewise, customers have access to our exclusive picture puzzle graphic designs and our matchless finish for building their own personal photo puzzles.

What's your skill level? Do you want an easy jigsaw puzzle with larger pieces or maybe a challenging one with hundreds or thousands of pieces cut for jigsaw puzzle experts? Either way, you choose the jigsaw picture puzzle that is right for you.

To see our personalized jigsaw picture puzzle product catalog,
click here.

Piczzle introduces the brand new, challenging Personalized Surprise Jigsaw Puzzle
A popular puzzle with our international customers is the Surprise Jigsaw Puzzles that is dazzling, thought provoking and oodles of fun! The Surprise Jigsaw Puzzles are cut with each piece having a different shape, and this then raises the level of challenge and thus surprising the players. In contrast, some of the pieces of the Surprise Jigsaw Puzzles are cut in shapes that reflect the theme of your picture. For example, a Piczzle that uses a picture which includes a pet may have pieces cut in the shapes of dogs, fish, etc.

Friendly & Safe Picture Puzzle Ordering Process
Our commitment is to deliver a combination of high quality photo puzzle products along with safe and quick ordering process and customer service. We promise a quick turnaround of picture puzzle orders as well as prompt responses to your questions and requests.

Piczzle developed a fun, quick and friendly online
ordering system that allows customers to easily create their own high quality personalized jigsaw picture puzzles:
   1. Choose your personalized jigsaw puzzle size, number of pieces and free graphic design.
   2. Optional: enter your "MyWords" text or choose a quote (free).
   3. Specify your preferable picture puzzle packing option and delivery plan.
   4. Upload your photo.
   5. Confirm your personalized puzzle order.

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Operated by Codeunity Inc., Piczzle Picture Puzzling has successfully built an outstanding reputation of producing top quality products and offering superior customer service.

Sizes & prices: Personalized Standard Photo Puzzle, Personalized Wooden Photo Puzzle,
Sizes & prices: Personalized Heart shaped Wooden Photo Puzzle and
Sizes & prices: Personalized Round shaped Wooden Photo Puzzle
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Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any comments, requests, suggestions or complaints regarding our personalized jigsaw picture puzzles or regarding any other issues. We welcome your feedback. Please contact us here.
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