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  We provide you with total control over your custom-made puzzle order. This is how:

Step 1: Design
Pick your favorite puzzle design, including its shape and theme (birthday, holiday, kids etc.), as well as the standard Basic Design.

Step 2: Text, number of puzzle pieces and size of the finished product
Choose the number of pieces and the size you want the finished puzzle to have. This is also the step in which you add up to two original lines of your own puzzle text.

Step 3: Packing, shipping and contact details
Choose your preferred packing option, select your preferred turnaround plan and provide your contact details (full name and email address).

Step 4: Photo
Once the uploading of your photo is completed, the system will verify your file type and its resolution. You will then get feedback about whether or not your photo is suitable for your chosen product requirements. Depending on your Internet connection and your file size, this process may take several minutes.

Step 5: Submit
The money step! This is where you thoroughly review the details of your order and submit your Picture Puzzle coupon (if you have one). Then you get to have the most FUN you will have in the entire process you get to pay us or you may add the order to your shopping cart if you wish to continue shopping.

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