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22.5 x 32'' (57 x 81cm)
Our X-Giant Wooden Photo Puzzle is made of unrivaled premium material and print: made of a recycled high quality 1/8" thick Medite Composite, that will last forever; manufactured using state-of-the-art computer driven laser technology to achieve exact cut and perfect match of the puzzle pieces.

The Surprise Cut models use traditional cut, they are cut in the classic Victorian style, in which every piece has a different shape and selected pieces are cut in shapes that reflect the puzzle picture. These 'whimsies' were so called because Victorian puzzle cutters included the shapes 'on a whim', and these puzzles revive this old tradition.

This wooden personalized photo puzzle offers a stylish, stunningly crafted gift that will last a lifetime and will provide pleasure to generations.

30 pieces: $289.95
192 pieces: $289.95
1500 pieces (Surprise Cut): $289.95
Turnaround options (order to home delivery):
- Priority, 15 to 25 business days: $29.95
- Priority, 15 to 25 business days: $29.95
- Priority, 15 to 25 business days: $29.95
- Priority, 15 to 28 business days: $39.95
Packing options:
Elegant Pack
Personalized Puzzle Box: $2  $0
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