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  Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions.
Here you'll find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding our products and/or services. To find an answer, click on the related question.
Please feel free to Contact Us for any other questions.

1. What is a Piczzle?
2. What is the quality of your puzzles?
3. Can you include text in my picture puzzle design?
4. What is the turnaround-time from order to delivery?
5. Do you ship internationally?
6. What is the ideal image resolution for a jigsaw puzzle?
7. Can you custom produce a special puzzle design just for me?
8. What will you do if my picture's aspect ratio will be different from the the puzzle's aspect ratio?
9. Is it secure to pay online on Piczzle.com?
10. How do I order a Photo Puzzle?
11. Can Piczzle puzzles be glued and framed easily?
12. What image file types do you accept?
13. What is a Surprise Piczzle?
14. How can I track my order?
15. I have a Piczzle Discount Code how do I use it?
16. How do I use the shopping cart?
17. How come my 100pc Medium Standard Puzzle has only 96 pieces?
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