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Company Overview  

Who we are

Piczzle Picture Puzzle service is an Internet-based sale and manufacturing service of Jigsaw Puzzles. Our company continually pursues its vision of becoming a true global digital service leader that can make its worldwide customers happy through its creative high quality products.

We believe that capturing human experiences is sacred and for their memories to be fully effective and alive, they should always remain interactive.

Playing a puzzle game enables a mutually interactive personal focus on a specific moment of time while attaining the enhanced impression from the beauty of its whole and the unexpected discovery of its distinctive details.

Our objective is to bring people closer through a cooperative game while giving them the opportunity to express their creativity and feelings through pictures, colors and written text.

Adhering to our vision, we strive to provide the best service for creating a fun, dynamic and interactive opportunity for individuals to preserve their most cherished life’s moments – for themselves and for their beloved.

We believe that success is only made possible by caring for that which exists and by sharing it with others. With this in mind, we make an effort to preserve the environment by using recycled materials we gainfully employ individuals with special needs within our regular production process. Operated by CodeUnity Inc., Piczzle has successfully built a reputation for high quality products and caring customer service. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any comments, requests, suggestions or complaints. We welcome all feedbacks.

What we do

Our company specializes in the production of of custom made wooden and standard jigsaw puzzles. Our photo puzzle products are sold to individuals and businesses directly through this website, and indirectly through online and offline stores, distributors and independent resellers. Piczzle operates worldwide but most predominantly in the USA, the UK.

We provide a range of personalized photo puzzle products through a service that makes it easy and fun for our customers to design, write, paint, enhance and preserve their digital photos while sharing them interactively with their friends and family in an original, one of a kind, creative and thoughtful way.

We enable anyone in the world to easily and quickly turn digital pictures into their very own picture puzzles – as a personalized gift or just for fun. Here you have the control over what you would like your unique jigsaw puzzle to look like as you customize its image, its personal text, its size, its design, its shape and its level of difficulty.

Piczzle's puzzles are made-to-order custom puzzles and they are produced by using the customer's own photos. We are committed to provide excellent service and top-quality personalized puzzles and thus we linking a history of over 15 years of manufacturing custom-made jigsaw puzzles with online retail experience. Piczzle values inspirational originality and so it encourages customers to plan their own products while attentively tending to each puzzle to ensure the perfect graphic-design of the finished products. The Piczzle Personalized Picture Puzzle service was founded on May 2003.

Our success is based on adding value for our customers. We offer you an easy, convenient and fun way to:
- preserve your memories for family, friends as well as yourselves;
- share your sentiments with friends and family through a thoughtful, personal and fun photo-based experience;
- achieve joyful self-expression through creativity and the telling of your stories with a combination of photos and words.

Our commitment

Being leaders in the field of personalized picture puzzle manufacturing, we at Piczzle are committed to continually increase the scope of our activities, expand the variety of our product options, enhance product quality and improve our customer services. Since it was founded, Piczzle has developed unique printing and cutting technologies and has managed to provide customers around the world with a wide selection of high quality picture puzzle products at competitive prices in a friendly shopping environment that includes personal customer service with a smile. Here, customers can always find puzzles for any occasion, at the desired challenge level and price range. You receive top quality picture puzzles while enjoying a fun shopping experience that is backed by a devoted customer service team.

Piczzle also provides service to companies and organizations that sell and/or distribute custom Jigsaw Puzzles designed to their own specifications. We offer attractive quantity discounts. You are welcome to contact us with your specifications and we promise to quote the lowest prices in the industry.

Friendly & Safe Ordering Process

We are committed to provide our customers a combination of high quality products through a safe and quick ordering process with the backing of caring service. We guarantee quick turnaround time of orders as well as prompt responses to your questions and/or requirements.

Piczzle developed a fun, quick and friendly online ordering system that allows everybody to easily create their own high quality jigsaw photo puzzles and this is how it goes:
1. Choose the size of your jigsaw puzzle, choose the number of pieces and choose your favorite graphic design.
2. Optional: Enter your MyWords text or choose a quote (free).
3. Specify your preferred puzzle packing option and delivery plan.
4. Upload your photo.
5. Confirm your order.

Try us. Go here.

Shopping with us is as safe as it is easy, because Piczzle is a verified PayPal Merchant. We process all payments via PayPal's (an eBay company) secure payment system, for safe shopping. This enables shopping in a highly secured, easy payments and transactions environment (industry standard 128-bit encrypted connection). For Terms of Use and for our Privacy Statement go here.
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Top Quality Jigsaw Picture Puzzles

A new quality level of personalized wooden puzzles production:
Professional Design – hand designed to allow maximum creativity
Vivid Picture – engaging cutting edge printing technology to achieve maximum picture sharpness and color quality.
Precision – computerized laser-cut to ensure maximum accuracy

Piczzle Picture Jigsaw Puzzles are made of the highest quality materials and top quality printing standards. All images are digitally adjusted to the correct puzzle size and are designed by graphics professionals according to the customer's specifications. They are then printed onto high quality photo-paper.
Our wooden puzzles are computerized laser-cut for maximum accuracy, while our standard puzzles are machine press-cut. In both instances, are cut to produce clean cut Jigsaw Puzzles that are made to your specifications. Our standard Puzzles have a unique finish, and our Finest Wooden Puzzles are finished with a high-quality gloss.

A Selection of Jigsaw Puzzles

Piczzle offers a vast range of jigsaw picture puzzle design options from which you can make your very own custom photo puzzle. Personalized picture puzzles are all about creativity and originality. Piczzle enables customers to design and create original picture gifts by offering a variety of puzzle shapes such as rectangular, round and heart-shaped; an assortment of sizes ranging from small to giant; a choice of the number of puzzle pieces that can range between 5 and 2,000; and an array of graphic designs and finishes. What's your skill level? Do you want an easy puzzle with larger pieces or maybe you are expert enough to handle a challenging one that consists of hundreds of small pieces? Either way, you get to choose the photo puzzle that is just right for you. To see all our photo puzzle products click here.

Piczzle introduces the challenging Surprise Puzzle

The Surprise Puzzles have become very popular with Piczzle's international customers as they provide endless fun while remaining impressively challenging. The Surprise Puzzles are uniquely theme-cut jigsaw puzzles that elevate the challenge level of your picture puzzles and they keep surprising their players. These puzzles are cut in a Classic Victorian style in which each piece is cut into a different shape and select pieces are cut into shapes that reflect the theme of your picture. For example, if your picture is that of a pet, some pieces of your Surprise Puzzle may be cut into the shapes of dogs, fish, etc.

Environment & Community Activities

Making a difference in the community

By gainfully employing individuals with special needs within the standard process of manufacturing puzzles, Piczzle is helping them more easily integrate into the mainstream of society. These people with special needs are engaged on a daily bases in the company's Sublimation Printing Technology process as well as in packing, shipping and handling.
Piczzle is striving to raise community awareness and volunteerism by directing its website visitors to the CharityFocus which is a volunteering interest website for inspirational words, that can be used as personal text in the design of their puzzles.

Caring for the Environment
Piczzle's Finest Wooden puzzles are made of a recycled, high quality, 0.12" thick Medite Composite that is made of pre-consumer, recycled wood (90% wood fiber and 10% wood resin). This forest-friendly composite carries a forestry Chain-of-Custody certification (No. SWC0C318).

Helping Education
We are involved in a variety of educational programs and we believe that learning can be most effectively achieved when humor and enjoyment are infused in the teaching.

We invest time and consideration into the research, creation and production of jigsaw puzzles that be based on:
amusingly educational designs
high print and finish quality for maximized enjoyment of their imagery and text and texture fun
top material durability

This is the reason we join forces with a variety of summer-camp groups and collaborate with educational organizations and institutions of learning.

Do you want our puzzles to be integrated into your educational endeavors? Contact us here

Our commitment
Environment & Community
Contact us
Suite # 2353
1321 Upland Dr.
Houston, TX 77043

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